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Lineup includes load and friction types

In recent years, industrial machinery has been rapidly advancing toward higher performance and automation, and the demand for higher speed, higher load, and more compact feed (conveyance) mechanisms has increased, resulting in diversified applications for bearing rollers.
BANCOLLAN Bearings are available in light load (L100), medium load (L200), heavy load (L300), and heavy load (L400) types based on polyurethane material design and bonding technologies to meet the needs of all these fields. We hope you will find this information useful for new designs and facility improvements.



Less deformation under load (load), resulting in lower travel resistance.
Compared to metal rollers, abrasion resistance and low noise
Lineup of load types from L100 to L400 according to load (load)
Friction type with low hardness polyurethane for improved grip is also available.

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