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Power scrum

Individual belts in aligned lengths with tie bands
Combined V-belts joined laterally

The Bando Power Scram is a binding belt with the upper part of the Power Ace tied to the body of the belt.
The cross-sectional shape of the belt is similar to that of the Power Ace, so it can be used with our power sheaves.

Power scrum


Two types are available: Power Ace type and V-belt type.
Belts are joined by tie bands to prevent overturning and separation from pulleys
V-flat transmission is possible
Converting high-speed ratio gear reduction to V-flat transmission enables ideal low-cost and low-noise transmission.
Can also be used for transport


Power Scrum (Power Ace Type)

power scrum


Power scram (V-belt type) . png

Power scram (V-belt type)

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