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BANCOLLAN™ POLYBANROPE™ (Polyvinylchloride)

High-performance light-load belt that combines the flexibility of a flat belt with the high transmission performance of a V-shaped belt

Light-load equipment is generally line-assembled and requires belts that are easy to assemble and have high transmission capacity. VANCORAN Poly Van Rope is used in a wide range of applications from industrial machinery to household appliances to meet such requirements.

BANCOLLAN™ POLYBANROPE™ (Polyvinylchloride)


Elastic nylon cord allows the belt to be installed while the pulley is fixed. Note that the belt length may change due to environmental factors (especially humidity).
Instantaneous belt slip, mind-body expansion and contraction to reduce impact loads
Stable rear belt position (ride-out) and no snaking
Flexible back cog and uniform core arrangement of upper V-ribs enable use even with small pulley diameters/high speed rotation

Application example video (Mixer)

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