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Small V-belt with unique cog shape

Polyurethane V-belt suitable for light load applications. As the best belt for light-load equipment, it is widely used in general industrial applications. Polyurethane with excellent abrasion resistance is used, so there is almost no rubber fallout, making it suitable for use in transmission systems that do not like dirt.



Space-saving design is possible due to its flexibility and high coefficient of friction
Clean transmission with no rubber drop
The cogging effect and flexible polyurethane allow it to fit well on pulleys and to be used in small spaces.
Polyester cords with high strength, low elongation, and low bending fatigue are used, so there is little elongation of the belt due to running, and there is almost no need for re-tensioning.
The VP type is a V-belt made of polyurethane and is suitable for use in inter-axial fixation.

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