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Bando PS Belt™

Precision Seamless flat belt for power transmission and conveyance

BANDO PS belt™ is thin, seamless flat belt, suitable for high-speed rotation, space saving and long life.
We can propose customized belt from our matetial selection x core-fabric x surface treatment that Combinations amounting to 10,000 different variations.

Bando PS Belt™


1.Problem solving from more than 10,000 types of material/process combination.
2.Elastic type is also available.
3.No jointing. Welded weak point has eliminated.
4.Suitable for high speed rotation. Light weight enables to reduce centrifugal tension.
5.Thinnest belt is 0.5mmT.
6.No mold investment requierd.

What is Bando PS Belt, a seamless flat belt?

Bando PS Belt is a seamless belt with no seams, a precision, long-life flat belt with thin thickness and little variation.

Common flat belts PS Belt™

Common flat belts have joints.

< Causes of steps and mending >

PS belts™ has no joints.

< High performance and long life >

Lineup / Apprications

Series Features Apprications

A Series

(Coating type)

Suitable for high added transmission and high speed rotation Precision instrument drive
Audio equipment
Card reader
Magnetic Disks
Audio equipment
Grinding Machine
Washing machine

B Series

(Coating type)

Suitable for light-load transmission and light-weight material transfer Weighing Machine
Printing Machine

C Series

(Coating type)

Elongation (elongation ratio 2.0)(0%) is available.
Because it can be extended and mounted Fixed layout between axes without adjustment mechanism.
Ticket Vending Machine
Automatic ticket checker
Currency Exchanger
Vending Machine

Z Series

(Coating type)

Heat resistant (-40°C to 260°C),Ideal for use at high temperatures Financial equipment
 (for banknote sterilization)
Printing machine 
(for mail sealer and crimped postcards)

E Series

(Elastic type)

1. Extensible (5.0 to 8.0% elongation) and can be mounted extended for adjustment.
2. Ideal for fixed layouts between shafts without mechanism
Ticket Vending Machine
Automated Cash Transaction Devices
(Sandwiched transfer)
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