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Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belt for transporting heavy loads that can be used with high tensile strength and long machine length conveyors

The steel cord core resists elongation, making this conveyor belt ideal for high-tensile, long-length, high-capacity lines.

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt


High tensile strength and long length conveyor belts can be designed.
Less take-up stroke due to less elongation.
Long life due to less flexural fatigue.


Steel cord conveyor belt structure cover rubber
2.steel cord
3.bottom cover rubber

(technical) specification

Belt strength: ST-500 to ST-5000 (N/mm)
Cover rubber types: abrasion resistant, ultra abrasion resistant, weather resistant, impact resistant, flame retardant, medium temperature heat resistant, high temperature heat resistant, cold resistant, cold resistant oil resistant, JIS K 6369,
Other foreign standards are applied.


Crushed stone, aggregate, earth, sand, limestone, ore, etc.

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