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Bando GLANMESSE™ PVC film for inkjet printing

Inkjet Printing Media & Overlaminated PVC Film

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The media film is designed with an adhesive compound that does not leave adhesive residue, and is easy to install with easy initial removal and low shrinkage.
Overlaminate film has excellent high UV cutoff rate (in accordance with JIS A5759). It also excels in low shrinkage and is easy to install.
Both matte and glossy types of media film and overlaminate film are available.

Bando GLANMESSE™ PVC film for inkjet printing


■Film design ~ manufacturing ~ adhesion ~ slitting
Our integrated production system from production to production. High-quality images are produced using large inkjet printers that use pigment dispersion ink.
Possible to be formed.
■Excellent dimensional stability during the printing to drying process.
Our media + over-laminated PVC film
Combined use of ILM provides excellent dimensional stability and weather and water resistance.


Widely used as inkjet printing sheets and adhesive sheets for posters, signboards, hanging banners, electric signboards, store displays, etc.

Film used: PVC
■Adhesive used: Acrylic adhesive

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