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Cleaning system "BANDO MDEC™"

Foreign material removal device using Coulomb force that does not degrade foreign material removal

Our unique rollers are charged with electricity and use Coulomb force to remove foreign matter. All mounted rollers are non-adhesive and equipped with a foreign matter collection mechanism to maintain high removal performance, which significantly reduces maintenance frequency and contributes to lower running costs and higher productivity.

Cleaning system "BANDO MDEC™"


Advanced foreign material removal performance
Unique mechanism that utilizes Coulomb force to achieve advanced removal performance and simultaneous removal of foreign matter from the front and back surfaces.
Stability of foreign material removal capacity over a long period of time
Unique foreign material recovery method with built-in recovery mechanism to maintain removal capability for a long period of time
Significantly lower total cost of ownership
Reduced running costs due to lower maintenance frequency

Effective width of dust removal and equipment size

Effective width for foreign material removal External dimensions of device(W×D×H)
230㎜ 310×634.5×357.6 ㎜
350㎜ 310×764.5×357.6 ㎜
650㎜ 350×1145×1250 ㎜

track record

Applicable Products
1. Green Sheet
2. Package Substrate
3. Ceramic Substrate
4. Rechargeable batteries, etc.
Target foreign matter
1. ceramic dust
2. Fibrous foreign body
3. resin strip
4. sebum
5. metal powder

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