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Cambac™, Rubber Cloth

Inner lining materials for hoppers and chutes

Inner lining of the hopper, silo, feeder, and chute parts in light-load applications reduces damage to the main unit and is effective in reducing running costs. Compared to metal liners, it is more effective in preventing noise, improving the work environment, and preventing pollution.

Rubber Cloth HT and ST are 1220mm wide long abrasion resistant rubber sheets.
Cambac™ is a 1220mm wide long abrasion-resistant rubber sheet with a special synthetic fabric vulcanization bonded to one side.

Cambac™, Rubber Cloth


Super abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, excellent tear resistance, and particularly good impact abrasion resistance
Superior anti-adhesion properties compared to metal liners
Easy installation with a choice of mounting methods (can be processed to any size)
Greater noise reduction than metal liners, which improves the work environment and prevents pollution.

Lineup (of products)

Rubber Cloth HT,ST(*) : This product is a 1220mm wide long abrasion resistant rubber board.

Cambac™ : This product consists of a 1220 mm wide long abrasion-resistant rubber plate with a special rigid woven fabric vulcanization bonded to one side.

Width(mm) Thickness (mm) Standard roll(m)
1200 5 30
10 30
15 20
20 15
25 12

*ST: 120mm width
  Thickness up to 20mm


Inner lining of hoppers, chutes, silos, etc.
Flat pulley lining
Concrete mixer lining
Various cushioning materials

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