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Ceptor™ X

Highest grade high-load, high-performance synchro belt with high elasticity carbon core wire

Improved transmission capacity enables narrower belt widths, which saves space, reduces weight, and lowers noise. Also, the use of highly elastic materials improves positioning accuracy. This heavy-duty toothed belt is ideal for various applications such as industrial robots, medical and pharmaceutical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and injection molding machines.

Ceptor™ X


High torque transmission
High transmission capacity is realized by using highly rigid and elastic components.
Compact size and low noise
Compact design is possible because the high transmission capacity allows the belt to be used in a narrower width compared to conventional specifications. The narrower width also reduces striking noise between the belt and pulley.
Responsiveness and positioning accuracy
The use of a highly elastic carbon core wire prevents the belt from stretching and tooth skipping due to sudden stops and acceleration, and also realizes high positioning accuracy.
Tooth Chip Durability
High hardness and high elasticity synthetic rubber provides excellent tooth chipping durability.
Can be used with standard pulleys
Same tooth profile as standard STS belts allows use with standard pulleys.
Ceptor-X S3M uses clean type canvas.


Rubber: High hardness and elasticity synthetic rubber is used to minimize tooth deformation.
Core wire: Super high elasticity core wire with excellent tension maintenance
Tooth Cloth: Chip and abrasion resistant tooth cloth is used.

Ceptor-X Structure

1. Tooth Cloth
Adoption of tooth cloth with excellent resistance to chipping and abrasion.

2. Rubber
Adoption of synthetic rubber with high hardness and high elasticity that minimizes tooth deformation

3. Core wire
Adoption of ultra-high elasticity core wire with excellent tension maintenance

Comparison of transmission capacity between Ceptor-X high-load toothed belt and conventional product

Transmission capacities

Transmission capacity is improved by more than 1.2 times compared to Ceptor-VI.

*As for S14M, I compare it to HP-STS.


Belt width: 6 mm, pulley: 26 teeth

Belt width: 10 mm, pulley: 26 teeth

S8M S14M

Belt width: 60 mm, pulley: 26 teeth

Belt width: 120 mm, pulley: 28 teeth

Vertical axis: Auto transmission capacity (kW)
Horizontal axis: Small pulley rotation speed (rpm)

Comparison of belt width between Ceptor-X high load toothed belt and conventional belt


The higher transmission capacity allows the use of narrower widths than conventional belts.

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