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Double-Sided STS / Double-Sided Synchronous Belts

Identical tooth profile on the front and back of the belt,
This belt is ideal for multi-axis or double-sided synchronous drive.

The double-sided synchronous belt has the same tooth profile on both sides of the belt and can synchronously transmit multiple axes with a single belt. The double-sided STS is a high-horsepower type with synchrobelt on both sides.
When space for transmission is restricted or long life is required, Use when double-sided synchronized belts or chains make too much noise.

Double-Sided STS / Double-Sided Synchronous Belts


Double-sided synchronous transmission replacing chain
Accurately transmits power and rotation on both sides of the belt, front and back.
No lubrication and low noise
Effective when transmission space and especially belt width are limited

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