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H-PV Agricultural Raw Edge Cog Belts

High-performance raw edge cogged V-belt that can handle higher horsepower of agricultural machinery

Thin-molded, low-edge cog belt that can accommodate the higher horsepower of agricultural machinery. The cog shape provides superior flex durability, resulting in less bending loss and longer life. It can also be used with smaller pulley diameters or reverse bends.

H-PV Agricultural Raw Edge Cog Belts


The exposed rubber on the side face has a high coefficient of friction and high transmission capacity.
 In addition, the reinforcing fibers have been improved to enhance side pressure resistance and can be used for large-mold agricultural machinery.
The cog shape (corrugated bottom face) and specially woven canvas provide excellent flexibility for small pulley diameters and reverse bends.
 In addition, bending loss is reduced, internal heat generation is reduced, and service life is improved.

Structural differences between wrapped V Belts and raw edge cog belts

Wrapped V Belt

[Wrapped V Belts
Both the side face and bottom face are covered with canvas for excellent abrasion resistance. It allows smooth transmission of power. It also helps protect the machine.
Structure: (1) cover fabric, (2) tension rubber, (3) cord, (4) compression rubber, (5) laminated fabric

Rawedge cogged V belt

[Low edge cog belt].
The side face has exposed rubber for high transmission. The power from the motor is transmitted firmly. Often used around drive units.
Structure: (1) top fabric, (2) tension rubber, (3) cord, (4) compression rubber, (5) bottom fabric

Performance comparison of RED S-II (*) and H-PV

Transmission capacity is about 1.5 times that of RED S-II. 5 times, but with smaller pulley diameter than RED S-II.
(*RED S-II is a type of wrapped V Belts used in agricultural machinery.)

  transmission capability
The index is calculated with RED S-II as 100.

Minimum Pulley Diameter

(Unit: mm)

belt-shaped RED S-II H-PV RED S-II H-PV
SA type 100 170 60 50
SB type 100 155 80 70
SC type 100 150 100 90


Large-mold agricultural machinery such as tractors, combine harvesters, rice transplanters, etc.

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