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HFD system™ (Hyper Flat Drive System)

Totally new concept in the industrial transmission belt system which is consist of flat belt and autotensioner.

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This system enables to reduce energy consumption and maintainance workload significantly.

HFD system™ (Hyper Flat Drive System)


1.Reduce energy consumption by 7% comparison with conventional V Belt.
2.Minimize re-tensioning work. The auto tensioner maintain belt tension automatically.
3.Long life time by 3 times than conventional V Belt.
4.Enable compact design with Pulley width and diameter.


By attaching a pulley to control the meandering of the flat belt, the running position of the belt can be controlled autonomously.
The tensioning force can be controlled by a spring, and the tensioning force is maintained by a spring for long life,
Maintenance-free installation is possible. For installation, bracket A and B sections
(The tension is designed to be appropriate when fixed to the mounting plate (mounting plate) as designed.

1.Air handling unit.
2.Industrial blowers
3.Industrial vacuum dust cleaner
4.Industrial compressors, Screw compressors

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