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Long Synchronous Belts (LSB-R)

Suitable for synchronous reciprocating motion and synchronous conveying
Long rubber toothed belt

This belt is capable of synchronous transmission and synchronous conveyance over long spans. It is lighter and quieter than a chain and does not require lubrication.
Use this product as an alternative to chains, flat belts, and conveyor belts for factory automation.

Long Synchronous Belts (LSB-R)


Belt length can be set freely, enabling long-span designs
As with chains, the meshing transmission reduces slippage and speed fluctuations, making it ideal for positioning and conveyance (non-slip).
Unlike chains and wires, maintenance such as lubrication and re-tensioning is virtually unnecessary
Our standard synchro pulleys and standard STS pulleys can be used.


Double-sided STS structure

1.tooth fabric
2.tooth rubber
4.tooth fabric
5.tooth rubber

Double-sided synchronized belt structure

Double-sided synchronized belt structure

1.tooth fabric(nylon)
2.tooth rubber(chloroprene)
3.cord(glass fibre)
4.tooth fabric(nylon)
5.tooth rubber(chloroprene)

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