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Medical Film

PVC and POresin-based film with consideration for health and safety and non-migration of chemicals

Widely used as a base material for adhesive plasters and transdermal drugs. In addition to PVC and PO mono-layer films, we also offer multi-layer films with PET films. The softness of the film improves its skin-following property, and the multi-layer film with PET film provides an anti-migration function for drugs. It also conforms to Notification No. 20 of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and has excellent safety features.

Medical Film


■Excellent non-migration between adhesive component and film composition.
■ Excellent affinity with the adhesive layer and no worry about delamination.
■Excellent safety and hygiene.
■Conforms to the Food Sanitation Law for Food Packaging Materials (Notification No. 20 of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) and the Japanese Pharmacopoeia General Test Method (Test Method for Plastics Containers for Infusion Solution).
■Various physical and design properties.
We can meet a variety of needs such as film thickness, hardness, color tone, surface finish, and so on.


■Adhesive bandages: A wide variety of colors, surface shapes, and printing patterns are available.
■Plaster: Adhesive-compatible formulations and excellent skin sensation are possible.
Transdermal Absorption Drugs: In response to the shift from "medicine to drink" to "medicine to put on the skin," the company has achieved drug compatibility and no discomfort when applied to the skin.
Various medical supplies: Adhesive sheets for fixation, adhesive bandages, adhesive dressings, surgical tapes, etc.

(product) line-up

Surface design (aperture) Nashiji, silk-grained, glazed
Surface design (color tone) Standard is 0.5 mm. 05 to 0. 12mm (flexible design is possible)
thickness Standard is 0.5 mm. 05 to 0. 12mm (flexible design is possible)
range (e.g. of voice) Up to 1,200mm

Adhesive plasters and plasters perform their functions through a combination of support, adhesive, and drug.
Therefore, there is a risk of trouble if the combination of these three parties is not given sufficient consideration.
Please consult us on this point as we have extensive experience in designing support (soft film) formulations to meet user needs.
Although film specifications can be designed for a variety of dimensions, appearance, and physical properties, the standard specifications are those listed above.

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