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「V-Cleat Conveyor Belt」for inclined conveyance

Conveyor belt suitable for inclined conveying of bulk goods, bulky goods, bags, etc. due to the structure with saddle piles.

V-Cleat Conveyor Belts are designed for inclined conveying. The cleat shape of the top cover rubber prevents cargo slipping and falling even when transporting at an incline.

「V-Cleat Conveyor Belt」for inclined conveyance


Capable of transporting at an inclination angle of about 25° (depending on the material to be transported)
Suitable for sloping transport of gravel, sand, and other bulk materials, as well as bulky materials and bags.
The cleat shape allows the transported goods to naturally lean toward the center of the belt, preventing cargo spillage.
No peeling of cleats due to integrally vulcanized cleats
Low vibration noise between retun rollers due to the angle and mounting interval of the cleats.


V-Cleat Conveyor Belts structure

The cleats are shaped in such a way that the material to be conveyed is naturally centered on the belt.

(product) line-up

Type Belt Dimensions Belt width(mm)
Belt strength
Number of plies Core type Cover rubber thickness(mm) Belt thickness Refference weight 300 350 400 450 500 600
Top Bottom (mm) (kg/㎡)
100 2 Polyester 1.5 1.5 4.2 7.3      
125 2 3 1.5 6.4 9.1    
160 3 3 1.5 6.9 10        

"✓" is a standard line-up.


Inclined conveyance of granular materials of 50 mmφ or less with a large surface friction coefficient.
Inclined conveying of low-load materials such as soft bagged goods.
*Unsuitable for transporting adhesive materials due to structural difficulty in cleaning recesses.
 (Due to the surface profile of the belt, the cleaner cannot be used directly.) 

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