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Enclosed Conveyor Belt Pipe Conveyor Belt

Environmentally friendly conveyor belt capable of enclosed and curved conveying

Pipe conveyor belts are environmentally friendly conveyor belts that prevent spills and dust by rounding the belt into a cylindrical shape and sealing it, while also allowing it to run in curved lines.

Enclosed Conveyor Belt Pipe Conveyor Belt


The ritan side is also sealed to prevent spills.
Enclosed type enables inclined or curved transfers
 Conveyors that were previously divided by two or three conveyors can be done with a single conveyor.
Less noise and vibration due to less contact area between conveyor and rollers
In addition to ordinary belts, we have a lineup of heat-resistant, flame-retardant, and oil-resistant belts.


Pipe conveyor belt structure

The belt is cylindrical so that the material to be conveyed can be sealed by the belt.

1.Roller Panel
2.Circular holding rollers
3.Anti-torsion roller

【Belt cross-sectional】 fabric cover rubber
6.Special rubber layer
7.Bottom cover rubber


Boiler related: Conveying coal/coke/ash
Ironmaking-related: Conveying water slag/desilicant/pulverized coal pellets
Paper manufacturing: Chip transportation
Cement-related: Product transfer
Chemical: Fertilizer/chemical transfer
Foods: Raw materials for oil and flour milling
Feed-related: Raw material/product transportation
Other: Transportation of various powders/rounds (pellets)

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