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Power Ace™

V-belt for high power transmission with greatly improved transmission force by changing the cross-sectional shape

Power Ace is a narrow V-belt for high transmission capacity that greatly improves transmission capacity, high speed, reliability, and other characteristics and performance by changing the cross-sectional structure of conventional V-belts.
Power Ace is a narrow V-belt for high transmission capacity. (Specified as narrow V belts in JISK6368. )

Power Ace™


High transmission capacity and space saving by reducing the number of belts
(V-belt ratio: approx. 1/3)
Excellent performance in oil resistance, heat resistance, flame resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance, etc.
The constituent materials and manufacturing method provide excellent dimensional stability and, coupled with the matched set, uniform power transmission.
Electrical resistance properties in accordance with the US RMA
RMA (Rubber Manufacturers Association)


Power Ace Structure

Power Ace changes the cross-sectional structure of the conventional V-belt,
Narrow V-belt for high transmission capacity with greatly improved characteristics and performance, such as transmission capacity and high-speed transmission

1.cover fabric 2.tension rubber 3.adhesive rubber 4.cord 5.compression rubber

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