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RIB ACE™Ⅱ (Type PJ, Type PK, Type PL)

V ribbed Belt for general industrial use.

V ribbed Belt is widely use in the transmission belt for automotive engine. And in the general industrial sector also, lots of apprication which requires compact design, back side transmision and tensioner, and energy saving design has used v ribbed belt transmission.

RIB ACE™Ⅱ (Type PJ, Type PK, Type PL)


1.Minimum pulley diameter is 50mm that enables down-sizing of pulleys
2.Less bending loss contributes increase transmission efficiency.
3.Less deformation and gripping into V pulley contributes to keep tension and reduce maintenance operation.
4.Heat, Oil resistance


rib ace Ⅱ structure fabric 2.tension rubber 3.cord 4.rib rubber

Heat resistance: Heat resistant rubber compound.
Oil resistance: Can be used even with some oil adhesion.


1.Water may cause slipping under the usage of exposed to water condition.
2.If the anti static protection required, please contact us.

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