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「Flexowell™ Conveyor Belt」for steep-incline conveyance

Space saving by steep inclined and high-lift conveyance

By attaching Wave-shaped lug cleats and Horizontal cleats to the conveyor belt, steep inclined conveying to vertical conveying (inclination angle up to 90°) is possible.
It contributes to high transportation efficiency and significant savings in facility space.
In addition, the simple structure makes maintenance easy and reduces running costs.

In addition to abrasion-resistant products, heat-resistant, oil-resistant, flame-retardant, and flame-retardant oil-resistant products are also available.
For more information, please refer to the downloadable document.

「Flexowell™ Conveyor Belt」for steep-incline conveyance


・Space saving is possible.
 Vertical conveying is possible, which allows for a significant reduction in the footprint compared to conventional conveyor equipment.
・Flexible angle change for conveyor lines.
 Easy to change angle from horizontal to inclined and from inclined to horizontal, and can be set freely according to the layout of equipment.
・High transport capacity.
 The loading cross section is greatly improved, dramatically increasing the transfer volume compared to trough conveyors. ・Equipment Cost Reduction
 The number of rollers can be significantly reduced by using vertical conveyance.


Flexowell Conveyor Belt _Structure

Flexowell™ Conveyor Belt consist of three components: Main body belt(①), Wave-shaped lug cleats(②), and Horizontal cleats(③), each of which is bonded using a room temperature adhesive (SUNPAT™ FLEX). Various combinations of the three components are possible depending on the material to be conveyed, the amount of material to be conveyed, the angle of inclination, etc. Please consult with us.


Steel, electric power (biomass power generation, coal-fired power generation), paper manufacturing, industrial waste disposal industry (garbage disposal plants, sewage treatment plants), cement

※Flexowell™ is a registered trademark of ContiTech Transportbandsysteme GmbH; used by permission.

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