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STS Belt

A lineup of synchro belts ideal for applications requiring high torque and synchronous transmission, where chains and gears were conventionally used.

The circular arc-shaped tooth profile ensures smooth engagement without interference with the pulley, resulting in stable performance from low to high speeds. This toothed belt has excellent features of high transmission capacity and narrow belt width design.

STS Belt


■High torque transmission
The unique tooth profile and mesh theory enable high-torque transmission.
STS has no loss of power transmission at high speeds and can be used from low to high speeds.
The performance is stable up to
■Long life
Less fatigue to the belt core wire in the same layout
will have a longer service life than conventional toothed belts.
■Maintenance free
STS does not stretch and does not need to be re-tensioned. In addition, STS does not stretch and does not need to be re-tensioned.
It also saves on oil.
■Cost reduction is possible
Because of its high transmission capacity, the belt width can be reduced compared to conventional toothed belts.
The chain and gears can be narrowed by about 30 to 40%. Also, the chain and gears.
The equipment cost can be reduced because the oil supply system is not needed.
■Low noise
Smooth engagement of the belt and pulley, and the belt tooth tips and pulleys
The noise level is lowered because of the close proximity of the

STS back elastic and core wire

Back rubber: Chloroprene rubber with excellent weather and abrasion resistance
     Protects the core wire with
Core wire: Strong fiberglass cord with helical S
     The twists are alternately wound with Z-twist and Z-twist, resulting in less elongation.
     The belt is designed to prevent the belt from leaning against the wall.

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