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STS Pulleys with Ban-Lock

STS pulley without shaft hole or key machining

A van lock is a type of frictional fastening device with a wedge effect. By tightening a screw, surface pressure is generated by the wedge effect of the inner ring to fix the screw in place.
Improved responsiveness and high transmission capability can be expected due to zero backlash.

STS Pulleys with Ban-Lock


1. No troublesome shaft hole or keyway machining is required. Strong fastening force due to wedge action.
2. The frictional fastening structure is non-backlash, and there is no need to worry about shaft damage or seizure due to vibration or shock.
3. The keyless design allows mounting at any position on the axis, and positioning phasing is easy and free.
4. Excellent centering effect.
5. To attach to the shaft, simply tighten the clamp screw. Removal can be easily performed by simply loosening the screw and screwing the clamp screw into the screw hole for removal.

Structure & Principle

Structure and principle of STS Pulleys with Ban-Lock

By tightening the ramp screw, the pulley is pulled in the axial direction and moves.
At this time, the wedge effect on the tapered surface with the inner ring generates a pushing force in the direction of the shaft and pulley bore, and the shaft and pulley are fastened.

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