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SUNLINE™ Belts Specialty Use S Series

Lineup of products for special applications and functions

The SUNLINE™ Belts S series is a series that is configured for special use conditions and individual users.
Our lineup includes low-noise, heat/cold resistant, oil resistant, ultra antistatic, and penetration-proof types.

SUNLINE™ Belts Specialty Use S Series


The lineup includes belts with heat and cold resistance, oil resistance, ultra antistatic properties, knife-edge and small pulleys, and belts that can be used in a variety of ways by each customer.


Conveyors requiring special application functions such as refrigerated transport, fruit tree feed (conveyance), electronic component feed (conveyance), etc.

BANDO SHOWROOM for Food Industry

BANDO SHOWROOM for Food Industry

This is a special site for feed (conveyance) belts for the food industry.
Details of recommended products by food production line and the Mr. Series, which are Feature Products, are available here.

SUNLINE™ belt selection

SUNLINE™ belt selection

Narrow down the most suitable belt from the "SUNLINE™" lineup of light-feed (conveyance) belts according to the material to be transported and how it will be used.

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