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Super non-adhesive conveyor belt "Easy Release™ Neo"

Conveyor belt that is resistant to adhesion of materials carried on the belt surface and can be easily released with a cleaner

Easy Release Neo is a conveyor belt that prevents conveyed materials from sticking to the belt surface and allows easy release of conveyed materials with a cleaner, etc. It contributes to reduced maintenance and increased productivity.

Super non-adhesive conveyor belt "Easy Release™ Neo"


(1) Improved non-adhesion performance
 Easy Release Neo uses a special compounded cover rubber developed by our company, and its non-adhesion performance has been greatly improved.
 In the transportation of coal and iron ore, the amount of adhesion can be reduced by approximately 80-90% compared to our conventional products.
  (Results verified by in-house and actual equipment evaluations)
(2) Sustained non-adhesion effect
 The non-adhesive performance of belts usually diminishes as they are used longer, but Easy ReleaseⓇ NEO is a new type of belt that is designed to be used for a longer period of time,
  Superior non-adhesive performance is maintained due to the action of a special formula.
Excellent durability
 Compared with our conventional products, the abrasion resistance has been improved by approximately 30%. Wear resistance equivalent to that of super abrasion-resistant belts (JIS-A) has been improved by approximately 30% compared with our conventional products.
  It is equipped with a belt, which is expected to increase the life of the belt.

Mechanism of Cargo Adhesion

It is said that the mechanism of conveying materials adhering to the belt surface is caused by a combination of various factors, including the properties of the conveying materials (shape, particle size, distribution, and cohesion), moisture content, and micro-smoothness (unevenness) of the belt surface. Among these factors, we have focused on the principle that moisture contained in the material to be conveyed has a significant effect on adhesion, and have been developing belts with even better non-adhesive performance.

Mechanism of Easy Release Neo Carrier Adhesion

1. Particle shape, particle size, and cohesion between particles
2. Adsorbed water
3. Unevenness of belt surface

Introduction of Easy Release™ Series

Our Easy Release™ series are non-adhesive conveyor belts that are difficult for materials to adhere to the belt surface and can be easily scraped off (released) with a cleaner or the like. The Easy Release™ is currently manufactured and sold in seven varieties, and can be used for various applications, such as heat-resistant, oil-resistant, and white color, in addition to room temperature conveyance applications.

Product name variety use Examples of items to be transported
Easy Release ™ black For general bulk material transport
Normal temperature transported material (Max.)(60°C)
Earth, sand, crushed stone, etc.
Abrasion Resistant Easy Release™ black
Easy Release™ Neo black Iron ore, coal, limestone
Heat-resistant Easy Release ™ black Medium-temperature conveyance (Max. 100°C) Coke, limestone, etc.
HC710 Easy Release™ black High-temperature transport (Max. (180°C) Sintered ore, clinker, etc.
Oil-resistant Easy Release™ black Cargo containing oil Sedimentation, etc. at sewage treatment plants
White Easy-Release™ (White) white white Chemicals, etc.

Begins sales of super non-adhesive conveyor belt "EASY RELEASE® Neo

March 27, 2020
Super non-adhesive conveyor belt "Easy Release® Neo
Commencement of sales

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