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Polyolefin film developed by utilizing the resin compounding and processing technology of PVC film

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Addressing non-PVC needs. Due to its ease of use, it is used in a variety of situations with soft to semi-hard specifications. Can be laminated with different materials and multi-layered. Adhesion and coating are also available. We design completely custom-made products from scratch, taking into account the customer's needs, including thickness, hardness, color tone, and surface finish.



Various textures and functions are achieved by blending and combining three types of resins (PE, PP, and TPO).
Various design expressions are possible with many colors and embossed patterns.
Excellent thickness accuracy and surface accuracy by utilizing advanced calendering technology. Highly fillable with pigments and other functional particles, and thin film (50 µm) is possible.
■Can be multi-layered with different materials.
■Adhesive and coating are also available.
We can respond freely to a variety of needs, including film thickness, hardness, color tone, and surface finish.


E Series: PE (polyethylene) type P series: PP (polypropylene) O Series: TPO (thermoplastic olefin) type

Cold resistance, whitening resistance, printing suitability, and post-processing

Excellent general-purpose type
Thin-film type with low CO2 emissions (environmental impact)

(Weather resistance: 2,000 hours, W-O-M specifications also available)
For surface decorative plywood, labels, stickers, marking, and tape

For labels, stickers, marking, steel plates, single color plywood Various adhesive tapes such as for adhesive plasters and plasters, industrial applications such as Protect, and steel plates

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