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TOPX™ Precision Abrasive

Highly dispersive processing technology realizes precision polishing.

This sheet is suitable for polishing end faces of optical communication connectors and LCD display components.
High dispersion machining technology and compounding design technology enable high grinding power and high-precision finishing.

TOPX™ Precision Abrasive


Planarization at the nano- to angstrom level
Lineup of films and tapes of various abrasive grains as TOPX D (diamond), TOPX A (alumina), and TOPX S (silica)
Controlled surface structure of polished surfaces through binder design, advanced particle dispersion, and precision coating technology
Long life and high grinding performance due to autogenous action by unique surface/interface control


1.TOPX D Diamond

Product name Mesh* Film Color Average size of abrasive grains
TOPX D 150 #8000 Violet 1.0
TOPX D 304 #4000 green 2.0
TOPX D 502 #2500 Brown 5.0
TOPX D 902 #1200 Blue 9.0

Diamond Film 9um
Grinding power is one step higher, and the same level of surface roughness can be expected to be maintained.

Diamond Film 1um
The surface roughness after polishing has increased by one rank,
It is expected to contribute to the reduction of polishing time in the next finishing process.

2.TOPX S Silica Film

Product name Film Color Material of abrasive grains Base Film
TOPX S010 Pink. SiO PET 75um(3mil)
TOPX S030 White

3.TOPX A Alumina Film

※Tape width:1/2inch (12.7mm),3.8mm

1.High grinding capacity and excellent smoothness of the ground end face.
2.This product has very few particles.
3.Tape adhesion of abrasive grains is excellent.

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