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PVC film, which offers excellent performance in a wide variety of situations.

Supports a wide range of needs from soft to semi-hard to hard. It is adopted in a wide variety of situations due to its ease of use. Can be laminated with different materials and multi-layered. Adhesion and coating are also available. We design completely custom-made products from scratch, taking into account the customer's needs, including thickness, hardness, color tone, and surface finish.


■The texture can be freely adjusted and used for any purpose.
■In addition to adjusting the amount of plasticizer added and general DINP (diisononyl phthalate), other phthalate plasticizers (REACH-compliant) and non-phthalate plasticizers can be used.
■Various colors and embossed patterns
 Design expression is possible.
■Excellent calendering technology
 The thickness accuracy and surface accuracy of the product is excellent. Pigment etc. machine
 High filling and thinning of active fine particles (up to 40 μm)
 is possible.
■Can be multi-layered with different materials.
■Adhesive and coating are also available.
Provides antibacterial, anti-mold, anti-viral, water whitening, and weather resistance functions.
Flexibility in width, length, lot size, and delivery date.


Surface laminated plywood, cabinets, etc. for building materials, decorative labels, indoor marking, etc., adhesive plasters, transdermal absorbents, etc. for medical use, various adhesive tapes for industrial use, etc.

(1) Vacuum forming film

Vacuum pressed film maximizes vacuum press suitability

Good adhesion to base material during vacuum press molding process
Minimal thermal shrinkage after vacuum press molding process
Less trouble migrating to substrate
Possible to develop curved surface transcription (vacuum transcription)

Surface cosmetics for various materials, mainly building materials
Housing: System kitchen, door, sideboard, etc.
Furniture: Tables, cabinets, etc.

■ Performance
All of the measured samples were 0.5 mm in diameter. Laminated 1mm film is used.

(2) Films for wall coverings

Creating unique living environments for a new era

A wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures are available for free expression.
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism fire protection certification available
By taking structural design into consideration, it is possible to obtain quasi-noncombustibility for wall cladding material No. 0003.
Compatible with various adhesives through our accumulated compounding technology
Excellent resistance to solvents, chemicals, and contaminants as defined by JAS
Suitable for laminating on various substrates such as flat, curved, and rolled surfaces

■ Applications
Specifications: Surface design (grain, color), dimensions (thickness, width, length), and physical properties can be made to order.
Applications: Can be deployed for various indoor wall coverings.
Ships, vehicles (Shinkansen, etc.), elevators, public facilities (station concourses, etc.), buildings, offices, stores, counter tops, office furniture, etc.

Special reinforced film

Film with high functionality and excellent design sense

Excellent scratch strength
Excellent abrasion resistance
Surface design (grain, color) can be freely designed.
The clear product has excellent light transmittance and does not damage the design of the back.
Superior dimensional stability compared to conventional PVC film

■ Applications
Overlamination of various films, home appliances, office equipment, building materials (housing materials, high-grade wall coverings, furniture), flooring materials (tiles, etc.)
Specifications: Surface design (grain, color), dimensions (thickness, width, length), and physical properties can be made to order.

(4) Film for marking

(5) Film for tape

(6) Decorative film for wood board

(7) Decorative film for steel sheet

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