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Wear Component™

Rubber lining material for chute and popper

Rubber lining material for chutes and poppers with excellent abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, and tear resistance. Compared to metal liners, the lightweight design is easier to handle and less noisy.

Wear Component™


Excellent abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, and tear resistance
The rubber elasticity absorbs impact, resulting in less crushing of lumps and reduced noise.
Lightweight and easy to handle compared to metal liners

Comparison with other varieties

There are five types of wear components as shown in the table below.

(taxonomical) form ML type Designs with improved durability are possible.
For the same area, the number of bolts can be reduced compared to a block liner.
type SB (blood, influenza, hepatitis, etc.)
IR type
 (Block Liner)
Flat lining for less utsutai.
Partial repair is easier than ML type

Ultra abrasion resistant rubber sheet

Rubber cloth."

Reduced lodging compared to metal.
Can be mounted on conical hoppers


Wear - Components_Lineup

Please refer to the figure above for the lineup of each variety.


Conveyor chute/hopper, unloader/hopper, dump truck bed, skip car, etc.

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