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AGRIDRIVE™ Variable Speed Belts

Heavy duty variable Speed Belt for large harvesters

AGRIDRIVE Variable speed belt is designed and developped with the latest material technologies in order to meet with heavy duty requirement from the agriculture, combine harvester requirement.

AGRIDRIVE™ Variable Speed Belts


1.Excellent transmission capacity.
2.Good for large combine harvester machines Class4~9.
3.Excellent belt flexibility contributes to the long life and higher performance.


Rowedge cog belt construction

1. Top fabric
2. Top rubber
3. PET/Aramid cord
4. Under rubber
5. Under fabric


Belt profiles: HJ, HK,HL, HM,HN, HO, HQ
Width: 25 up to 100mm
Length: HJ 45 up to 200inch
Length: HK, HL,HM,HN,HO,HQ 84 up to 200inch

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