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BANDO MDEC™ Foreignmaterial inspection tools

Convenient tool to check for foreign objects hidden in the manufacturing site with simple operation.

Although airborne dust in clean rooms is class-controlled to be below the cleanliness level, deposited foreign matter, known as falling dust, tends to be neglected. This product can detect falling dust hidden on site with a simple operation, contributing to the reduction of foreign matter defects caused by accumulated foreign matter.

BANDO MDEC™ Foreignmaterial inspection tools


Detects foreign matter at the visual level, which is directly linked to foreign matter defects, with a simple operation.
■Used in conjunction with analysis software, foreign material size and number can be quantified

Product Dimensions, Weight

External dimensions (H x W x D) 172×131×260 mm
mass Approx. 1,000g


Environmental monitoring of manufacturing
Inspection of products

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