ProductsFriction power transmission belts


High-performance light-load belt that combines the flexibility of a flat belt with the high transmission performance of a V-shaped belt

The high accuracy of the belt cross-section and length and the absence of belt sinking on the pulleys allow smooth transmission similar to that of a flat belt at high speeds. The lower rubber is made of polyurethane with excellent abrasion resistance.
It contributes to speeding up and downsizing of machines.



Smooth transmission similar to a flat belt at high speeds (up to 60 m/s) with no variation in belt sink on the pulleys
Lightweight and compact transmission system is possible because small pulley diameter can be used and large speed ratio can be obtained.
The belt is coupled with 2 or 3 mountains, which minimizes belt vibration and ensures stable transmission without belt overturning or separation from the pulleys due to vibration.
The belts are coupled and do not come into contact with each other or detach from the pulleys, making it ideal for horizontal hanging operation. No need to use special pulleys (deep groove pulleys, etc.)

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