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Banflex™ / Banflescrum™

High performance polyurethane V belt, and binded PU V belt.

High modulus polyurethane material contributes to high speed rotation and compact design like as flat belt.

Banflex™ / Banflescrum™


1.High modulus polyurethane material contributes to less deformation of cross-section profile and less length change.
2.Less sinking into the pulley groove contributes to smooth, high speed rotation.
3.Small diameter pulley can be used and contributes to compact design.


1.Banflescrum™ can contribute to reduce vibration, over-turning, and off-track from the pulleys
2.The belts are coupled and do not come into contact with each other or detach from the pulleys, making them ideal for horizontal hanging operation.
3.No need to use special pulleys (deep groove pulleys, etc.)


Banflex™ Banflescrum™

1. lower elastic
2. core wire
3. reinforced canvas
4. back rib


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