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HP-HTS Belt (High Torque SynchroBelt™)

Toothed belt with circular arc tooth profile

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In recent years, in response to the demand for space saving in industrial machinery, we have developed the "HP-STS/HP-HTS/High Load Type Belt" by utilizing our long accumulated technology and experience,
We have developed "HP-STS/HP-HTS/High Load Type Belt" by utilizing our technology and experience accumulated over the years.

HP-HTS Belt (High Torque SynchroBelt™)


Smooth engagement with pulley due to arc tooth profile and woven nylon fabric
Improved stress concentration at the tooth base
Chloroprene rubber with excellent durability and abrasion resistance and strong glass fiber cord (SZ twisted) are used for high-torque transmission.


Back rubber: Chloroprene rubber with excellent weather and abrasion resistance protects the core wire.

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