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HP-STS Belts

A lineup of synchro belts ideal for applications requiring high torque and synchronous transmission, where chains and gears were conventionally used.

In response to the recent demand for space saving in industrial machinery, we have developed the "HP-STS/HP-HTS/High Load Type Belt" by utilizing our long accumulated technology and experience.

HP-STS Belts


■High torque transmission
HP-STS/HP-HTS belts have a unique tooth geometry for engagement theory
The higher torque and power transmission compared to normal trapezoidal teeth, and the
High torque and high transmission are realized by highly rigid components.
The following is a summary of the results of the study.

■Low noise
Narrower belt widths can be used compared to standard specifications, resulting in lower noise.
can be lowered.

Narrower width and smaller pulley diameter compared to standard specifications for high transmission capacity
This allows for a compact design.
Pulley used
HP-STS can be used with standard STS pulleys and TL STS pulleys.
STS Standard belt size can be manufactured.
HP-HTS can be used with standard HTS pulleys.


HP-STS Structure

■Back rubber
High hardness synthetic rubber is used to minimize tooth deformation.

■Core wire
Glass core wire for dimensional stability and flexibility.

■Tooth cloth
Low noise due to uneven tooth cloth and low friction coefficientThe S14M type has two layers of tooth cloth, and the S14M type has two layers of tooth cloth. The S14M type has two layers of tooth cloth, HP-S5M is clean. Tooth cloth specification.

1.tooth fabric 2.tooth rubber 3.back rubber 4.cord

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