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Impact bar AR, Non-spill

Impact Bar AR" conveyor belt impact cushioning material and "Non-Spill" skirt rubber for conveyor belts

Belt deflection between the rollers creates a gap between the belt and the skirt rubber, which can cause falling ore, dust, and transported materials to clog the gap.
The Impact Bar AR is an impact cushioning material for conveyor belts that are subjected to loads not by the rollers (rotating bodies) but by the "surface" of the conveyor belt, reducing belt deflection that occurs between the rollers. In combination with the "non-spill" skirt rubber, which is shaped to follow the angle of the carrier rollers and troughs to prevent cargo spillage, the chute section can further prevent falling ore and dust.

Impact bar AR, Non-spill

Features of Impact Bar AR

The case of Impact rollers The case of Impact bar AR combined with non-spill

a . Skirt elastic

b . Impact rollers

1. Non-spill 2. Impact rollers 3. Impact bar AR
Deflection of the conveyor belt occurs between the rollers, which can easily cause falling ore and dust. The impact bar AR eliminates deflection of the conveyor belt, and when combined with non-spill, prevents falling ore and dust.

Maintenance-free by combining with non-spill
Since the load is applied to a surface rather than a rotating body, there is no deflection, and a non-spill combination prevents falling ore and dust.
High shock absorption and less damage to the belt due to the use of rubber with excellent repulsive elasticity
The coefficient of friction with rubber is μ=0.5. 08 to 0. 1 and low belt running resistance
Easy installation and replacement with aluminum clamps baked on and secured with clamp blocks

Structure of Impact Bar AR

AR type (fixed frame) ARK type (collapsible frame)
Frame with fixed trough angle. The A and B portions of the trough section are hinged to make the frame flat for new installation or repair and replacement, thereby simplifying installation.

Non-spill structure


a. Chute body, etc.
b. Chute body, etc.
c.50 mm or less
d.Gauge (steel plate 2.3mm, etc.)
e.Conveyor belt


Conveyor belt shock absorber : Impact Bar AR
Skirt rubber for conveyor belt :Non-spill
(cement conveying, coal and coal powder conveying, iron ore conveying, crushed stone conveying, etc.)

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