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Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belts for transporting oily materials or materials treated with oil

The use of oil-resistant cover rubber suppresses snaking, warping, and reverse warping even when conveying materials containing oil (mineral oil, animal oil, or vegetable oil).

Please refer to the downloadable documents for the main properties and applications of each specification.


Reduces swelling due to oil and belt back-sliding.
Belt selection can be made according to oily materials.


Oil-resistant 210 black NBR (nitrile):
 Resistant to aromatic solvents, halogenated hydrocarbons, ketones, and oils except esters.
 In addition, the cover rubber has excellent abrasion and tear resistance.
Oil resistant 220 black NBR + NR (nitrile + natural):
 Used when light oil resistance and oil/cold resistance are required. Suitable for transporting wood chips, frozen fish, grain, etc.
Oil resistant 300 PVC + NBR (vinyl + nitrile) poly blend:
 It is highly resistant to oil and is used for general food transportation, etc., except for directly consumed food. Heat above about 80°C may cause problems in use.
 Caution is required. Standard stock in white on one side and green on the other.
Oil-resistant 310 black, oil-resistant 330 white, oil-resistant 340 green PVC + NBR (vinyl + nitrile)
 This is an order product in the oil resistant 300 color series.

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