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SUNPAT ECO™ Cold splicing materials for rubber conveyor belt

Human- and environment-friendly room temperature endless splicing and repair materials

SUNPAT ECO™ used for conveyor belt room temperature vulcanization has high adhesive performance and excellent flexural fatigue resistance. Because it can be easy to dry it up, operating the belt will become possible in two hours after splicing work.
Since it is vulcanized at room temperature, a heavy vulcanizing press is not required, which saves labor.

SUNPAT ECO™ Cold splicing materials for rubber conveyor belt


・Halogen organic solvents are not used
・Efficient work (easy to dry it up)
・After splicing work, operating the belt will become in two hours
・Apply to a wide range of belt types (for general use, medium temperature and heat resistance, and oil resistance)
・High bending resistance and high bonding

BANDO conveyor belts that can be used with SUNPAT ECO

・Sun Conveyor Belt™
・Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt 110, 130, 210, 220, 230, 240, 300series
・Vinyl 300 Conveyor Belt
・Heat Carry™ 500series
・Package conveyor belt
・V-Cleat Conveyor Belt
Type 1000N/mm or less
Canvas strength 250N/mm/p or less
Cover rubber thickness 8.0mm or less
・Sun Conveyor Belt™ G All types (belt strength 100 to 400 N/mm)
・Bucket elevator belt Belt strength 800 N/mm or less, width 1050 mm or less, abrasion resistant cover rubber
・Rock Belt™ Rock Belt™-0, 1, 2
・Monoply Belt™ Type 400(N/mm) or less
・Flexowell™ Conveyor Belts XOE-500 or less

 ・Re-jointing of oil-resistant belts after use is not allowed.
  Adhesion of oil and penetration into rubber may cause adhesion failure.
 ・Man-conveyor belts and special machinery applications are not applicable.

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