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RUBBER mill linings for reduced noise, adhesion, and running costs

Compared to metallic linings, these rubber linings are low noise and lightweight. In addition, it has excellent durability and can be designed according to size and shape.



Superior durability compared to metal linings
Easy to maintain
Reduced installation time
The unique elasticity fastening mechanism makes it easy to replace the lifter bar (about 1/4 of metal lining).
Lightweight (about 1/7th of metal lining)
Low noise (about 1/4 the noise level during operation)
Prevention of water leakage
Can be designed according to size and shape


Applicable mills: Ball mill, Rod mill, Cylindrical mill, Pebble mill, Conical mill, Tricon mill, Drum washer, Tube mill, etc.
Customers: Iron and steel, nonferrous metals (metal mines), crushed stone, ceramics, cement

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