ProductsSynchronous power transmission belts

Synchronous Pulleys (molded)

Optimum material and mass production type can be selected.
Synchro pulleys


Optimal materials and mass-production type molding methods to meet the demand for lighter weight and lower cost of OA equipment and automated equipment (the following three types are available)

Synchro Pulley S(sintered metal)
Synchro pulley D (aluminum, zinc die-cast)
Synchro pulley MT (resin injection)


Pulley CAD Data Download

CAD data is available through PARTcommunity, a CAD data download service provided by CADENAS. You can download 2D/3D CAD data of Bando products(*) This service is available free of charge when you register as a user of PARTcommunity.
(*Toothed pulley, VANCORAN™ long synchronous belt, VANCORAN™ bearing)

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