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Synchronous Belts

Combining all the features of gears, chains and belts
Standard belt for synchronous transmission combining all the features of gears, chains and belts

Synchronous Belts are synchronous transmission belts that combine the features of gears, chains, and flat belts. There is a wide range of types and sizes available.
These belts can be easily designed for a wide range of applications, from light to heavy loads.

Synchronous Belts


Belt and pulley engage for accurate transmission
No metal-to-metal contact, runs quietly, and requires no lubrication system
No need for high initial tensile force, enabling compact bearings and motors


Synchronous Belts structure

1.tooth fabric(nylon)
2.tooth rubber(chloroprene)
3.over rubber(chloroprene)
4.cord(standard specification:glass fibre)

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