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POWER ACE™ Aramid Combo

Binding mold narrow V-belt with high elasticity aramid cord

POWER SCRUM™ has been modified with a high-elasticity aramid cord to improve dimensional stability and impact resistance, and also offers excellent heat resistance and electrical conductivity. Use for crushers that crush rocks and trees, construction vehicles that strip asphalt from roads, etc., where load fluctuations are large.

POWER ACE™ Aramid Combo


1. New mold tie-band structure resists peeling
2. High elasticity aramid cord is used, with breaking strength 50% higher than conventional products.
3. Transmission capacity is 40% higher than conventional products.
4. Conductive conforming to ARPM (RMA)


Please be careful about the installation tension of the belt.


POWER ACE™ Aramid Combo structure

1.Tie band 2. High elasticity aramid cord 3. adhesion rubber
4.Cover fabric 5. compression rubber

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