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Resin Products for Motorcycles/CVT

Our unique compounding technology allows us to meet a variety of usage conditions.

This is a RESIN product that demonstrates excellent characteristics by blending our unique reinforcing materials and lubricants into a base RESIN that has excellent heat resistance.

Resin Products for Motorcycles/CVT


Our unique compounding technology can be applied to various usage conditions.
Excellent abrasion resistance under high temperatures and high loads, and will not abrasion aluminum mating materials.
High strength under high temperature and high load
High strength and fatigue resistance with excellent abrasion resistance under high temperature and high load conditions.

(product) line-up

Material Grade
PX-9a PX-10 PX-12

Motorcycle weight roller

Slide Piece

PX-13 PX-15  

Motorcycle Oil pump gears

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