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SUNLINE™ Resinbelts for Logistics

resin conveyor belt for logistics feed (conveyance)

The SUNLINE™ BeltsM series includes belts for minicomputers that can accommodate small pulley diameters, belts with high gripping force to prevent fed (conveyance) objects from sliding even on strong inclines, and belts specialized for sliding fed (conveyance) objects on the belt. We have a wide range of fed (conveyance) belts for factories and distribution warehouses.

SUNLINE™ Resinbelts for Logistics


About "inclined feed (conveyance)" ...This belt is designed to prevent cargo slippage even at an incline due to its uneven surface (longitudinal grooves and graining) and high coefficient of friction on the belt surface. (For inclination angles from 5 to 25 degrees) *For inclination angles from 20 to 90 degrees, please refer to belts for steep inclinefeed (conveyance).
Low noise specification: The back surface of the belt is softened to reduce noise from rubbing against the steel plate that supports the belt.
Sliding feed (conveyance) ...In applications where feed (conveyance) materials are slid on the belt for aligning, dispatching, or matching quantities, the polyurethane covered type with high hardness or the canvas uncovered type with high hardness are often used. polyurethane covered type or canvas uncovered type is often used.

Features of each series

  Features Examples of Uses
Belt for general feed (conveyance)
(M1, M2, M6 series)
Belt for "cushioning" or standard horizontal fed (conveyance) Logistics Center
Cargo fed (conveyance) line
Food packaging line
Belts for Mini-Computer
(M4 series)
Specialized belts that fit well with pulleys, such as "small pulley diameter" and "knife edge" belts Minicon Unpacked Food FEED (conveyance)
Belt for slip-feed (conveyance)
(M5 series)
Belt specialized for "sliding properties Alignment and sorting lines (low and medium speed sliding applications)
Unpackaged food conveyance line (for highly adhesive conveyance)
Belt for inclined feed (conveyance)
(M9 and M0 series)
Belt specialized for inclined feed (conveyance) with a combination of surface shape and high frictional resistance Slope Line
Mr. Climber
(MC Series)
Belts specially designed to maintain high grip over time
Tilt feed (conveyance) of up to 25 degrees is possible without side piers (depending on feed (conveyance) object, speed, and environment).
Sloping line with a large sloping angle that cannot be transversed
Mr. Climber™ belt for FEED (CONVENIENCE), resistant to dust and UV rays.

Mr. Climber™ belt for FEED (CONVENIENCE), resistant to dust and UV rays.

This is the most suitable feed (conveyance) belt for inclined feed (conveyance) in logistics warehouses, etc.

*Other information is also included, such as "Mr. Pro Zipper®," which can be jointed on site simply by inserting a pin.

SUNLINE™ belt selection

SUNLINE™ belt selection

Narrow down the most suitable belt from the "SUNLINE™" lineup of light-feed (conveyance) belts according to the material to be transported and how it will be used.

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