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SUNLINE™ Steep Incline Belts

Belt for feed (conveyance) suitable for lightweight steep inclinefeed (conveyance) of powders, scattering materials, etc.

This belt is for steep inclinefeed (conveyance), using SUNLINE™ belt as the main body, combined with wave cleats and side cleats.
Vertical feed (conveyance) is also possible, allowing installation in a small space, and is suitable for feeding (conveyance) of powders and scattering materials.
We also have specifications that allow for the feed (conveyance) of unpackaged food products.

SUNLINE™ Steep Incline Belts


Able to steep inclinefeed (conveyance)
Contributes to the reduction of molds in conveyor equipment
Line transformation is possible without transferring lines.
Low spillage
Various applications and feed (conveyance) quantities can be handled.


Foods, especially powder and bulk feeds (conveyance) steep inclinefeed (conveyance)
Steep inclinefeed (conveyance) of various raw materials and parts
Applications for withdrawals from HOPPER, etc.

BANDO SHOWROOM for Food Industry

BANDO SHOWROOM for Food Industry

This is a special site for feed (conveyance) belts for the food industry.
Details of recommended products by food production line and the Mr. Series, which are Feature Products, are available here.

SUNLINE™ belt selection

SUNLINE™ belt selection

Narrow down the most suitable belt from the "SUNLINE™" lineup of light-feed (conveyance) belts according to the material to be transported and how it will be used.

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