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SUNLINE™ belt for conveying food products (unpackaged food)

resin conveyor belt for food (unpackaged food) feed (conveyance)

All SUNLINE™ BeltsF series belts are equipped with antibacterial, anti-mold, and ear-fraying prevention functions (to prevent fraying of belt end faces) and conform to Notification No. 370 of the Ministry of Health and Welfare regarding food hygiene. We offer a variety of lineups that can solve problems in food factories, such as non-adhesiveness according to feed (conveyance), resistance to moisture and heat, and chemical resistance that is resistant to washing. We also have CS series compliant with overseas PIM and FDA.

The Certificate of Compliance with the Food Sanitation Law Positive List can be downloaded from the "Various Certificates" page.

SUNLINE™ belt for conveying food products (unpackaged food)


Reduction of foreign material inclusion risk
An "ear fraying prevention function" is provided to control thread fraying at the edge of the belt. This function reduces the risk of belt core fibers getting mixed in with feed (conveyance) materials.
Anti-bacterial and anti-mold function
The belt surface is provided with "antibacterial and antifungal functions" that inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold.
Excellent non-adhesiveness
The F2 Series demonstrates excellent non-adhesiveness due to the combination of specially formulated resin and surface pattern.
Excellent cleanability
The F3 series has excellent resistance to moisture, heat, and chemicals, and can be cleaned with 2000 ppm hypochlorous acid and hot water (within 5 minutes at 100°C).
 (For detailed information on the F3 series, please refer to "Download Brochures & Documents".)

Features of each series

  Features Examples of Uses
F0 Series Uncovered belt with excellent "slipperiness" and "peelability Used to slide feed (conveyance) objects on a belt to keep them in alignment
F1 Series Standard belt Breads, pastries, etc. FEED (CONVEYANCE)
F2 Series Belt specialized for "non-adhesiveness FEED (conveyance) of highly adhesive fabrics and chocolates
F3 Series Belt specialized in "chemical resistance" and "moisture and heat resistance Sushi rice, steamed rice processing feed (conveyance), and other lines that require a lot of belt washing.
F4 Series Trough-feed (conveyance) belt with both "flexibility" and "strength Roses such as grains and legumes FEED (CONVEYANCE)
CS Series Compliance with foreign food sanitation laws (PIM and FDA) All domestic and overseas food factories

For detailed information on the Mr. Series (*), which is the Feature product of belts for food fed (conveyance), please access from "BANDO SHOWROOM for Food Industry" from the bottom of the page. (*Mr. Ultra Mirror, Mr. Spike, Mr. N Stick, Mr. Silky Touch, Mr. Van Seal, Mr. Silky Coat, Mr. L Keeper, etc.)

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BANDO SHOWROOM for Food Industry

BANDO SHOWROOM for Food Industry

This is a special site for feed (conveyance) belts for the food industry.
Details of recommended products by food production line and the Mr. Series, which are Feature Products, are available here.

SUNLINE™ belt selection

SUNLINE™ belt selection

Narrow down the most suitable belt from the "SUNLINE™" lineup of light-feed (conveyance) belts according to the material to be transported and how it will be used.

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