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BANCORD™ Round belts and V-belts

Easily joined by heat fusion
Open-ended belts made of a single thermoplastic polyurethane material

VANCORD® MULBELT and V-BELT are made of polyurethane with excellent abrasion resistance and tear resistance, and are widely used for conveying food products and for driving roller conveyors.

BANCORD™ Round belts and V-belts


Heating allows for easy and strong joints, so you can freely select the belt length you need, regardless of the standard.
No directionality in the cross section allows for complex 3-dimensional transmission such as multi-axis transmission and directional changes by idler pulleys.
Installation can be done without disassembling the machine, reducing the need for tensioning and other adjustments.
VANCORAN (polyurethane), which has excellent abrasion and tear resistance, is used and has excellent mechanical properties.


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Drive and transport applications for automated equipment such as office machines and packaging machines

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