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BANCOLLAN™ Long Synchrobelt™ (LSB-U)/BANCOLLAN™ Long FlatBelt (LFB-U)

Long span synchronous transmission made of polyurethane,
Long synchro belts for synchronous transmission

BANCOLLAN Long Synchrobelt (LSB-U) is a long span synchronous transmission and synchronous conveying belt made of polyurethane. Suitable for food processing machinery and clean transmission and conveying. Various profiles can be fused to the back of the belt to enhance the conveying function.

BANCOLLAN™ Long Synchrobelt™ (LSB-U)/BANCOLLAN™  Long FlatBelt (LFB-U)


Since wire is used for the core wire, there is almost no elongation of the belt even when used over a long span of time.
Various profiles can be attached to the back by heat fusion
No rubber powder dispersal, clean transmission and conveyance, and clean periphery
Joints can be made at any length

BANCOLLAN™ Long FlatBelt (LFB-U)

BANCOLLAN Long FlatBelt (LFB-U) is a flat belt used in lifting equipment. It has excellent thickness accuracy and does not cause misalignment during hoisting even when multiple belts are used.


Industrial equipment requiring long-span synchronous transmission and synchronous conveyance, etc.

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