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Super SUNLINE™ Belt (Seamless conveyor belt)

Seamless flat belt for seamless conveying

Super SUNLINE™ Belt is an ultra-thin, seamless, flat belt suitable for precision conveying of semiconductors, metal detectors, weighing machines, etc. It is also resistant to high-temperature water and sodium hypochlorite cleaning, and is provided with an edge ear fraying prevention function, making it ideal for use in food factories.

SUNLINE™ is a registered trademark of Bando Chemical Co.

Super SUNLINE™ Belt (Seamless conveyor belt)


Ideal for smooth transfers
Knife edge R2mm available in many specifications
Ideal for precision conveying that requires thickness/weight accuracy and detection accuracy
No joints, uniform thickness and weight, ideal for precision conveyance of weighing equipment, etc.
False positives in metal detectors and X-ray machines are also suppressed.
Excellent cleanability
Capable of cleaning with hypochlorous acid 2000ppm and hot water (within 5 minutes at 100°C) (P3 series)

What is Super SUNLINE™ Belt?

Super SUNLINE™ Belt is a seamless type of our "SUNLINE™ Belt".

Common flat belts Super SUNLINE™ Belt

Common flat belts have joints.

< Causes of steps and mending >

Super SUNLINE™ Belt™ has no joints.

< High performance and long life >

Features of each series

  Specifications/Features use
P1 Series Urethane cover specification
Food Sanitation Law compliant
Conveying of unpackaged foods such as Japanese and Western confectionery, bread, etc.
P2 Series PVC cover specification Conveying general purpose products such as paper, textiles, metal chips, etc.
P3 Series Moisture/heat/chemical resistant urethane cover
Food Sanitation Law compliant
Sodium hypochlorite water (2000ppm)
Can be cleaned with hot water (within 5 minutes at 100°C)
Can also be used for conveying paste products and processed meat products and for steaming processes
P4 Series Conductive urethane cover specification
(Ultra antistatic belt)
Conveyance of static-sensitive materials such as ICs, LSIs, printed circuit boards, and electronic components
P5 Series Silicone coating specification
Food Sanitation Law compliant
Conveying highly sticky materials such as bread dough and rice
P6 Series Belt surface is covered with hard polyurethane to prevent slippage
Durable against abrasion by materials to be transported, etc.
Sliding applications for materials to be transported
P7 Series Polyester impregnation specification Sliding applications for materials to be transported
P8 Series Anti-bacterial and anti-mold polyurethane
Food Sanitation Law compliant
Conveyance of unpackaged food products, which requires a high level of hygiene

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