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TENSION MASTER™ acceleration sensor tension meter

Acceleration sensor type belt tension meter capable of measuring proper belt tension

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The acceleration sensor directly measures the natural frequency, so this tension meter can accurately measure tension even in noisy environments.

TENSION MASTER™ acceleration sensor tension meter


The industry's only acceleration sensor tension meter
Accurate measurement in noisy environments that are difficult to measure with sonic tension meters
Can also be used as a natural vibration meter
Supports a wide variety of belt types
Tension gauge capable of measuring with various belts such as flat belts, V-belts, V-ribbed belts, toothed belts, etc.
Compact size
Small size (10 cm in length and 6 cm in width) and lightweight (approx. 100 g), making it easy to fit in a pocket
Adoption of a small acceleration sensor
Small size of the sensor in contact with the belt enables measurement even in narrow layouts

Measurement method

The tension measurement method with TensionMaster involves the following three steps.

For conversion of natural frequencies to tension, please use the dedicated application or the TensionMaster tension calculation website.

Tension Master tension calculation website link: https://sekkei. bando. CO. jp/tensionmaster/? _ga=2. 102417601.1725034181.1681961314-160998364. 1678948556&_gl=1*1po4r11*_ga*MTYwOTk4MzY0LjE2Nzg5NDg1NTY. *_ga_RC9E7KW3S9*MTY4MTk3MTM5Mi4zNS4xLjE2ODE5NzgyODcuMC4wLjA. *_ga_3B63VQMQ94*MTY4MTk3MTM5Mi4zNS4xLjE2ODE5NzgyODcuMC4wLjA.

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