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Diamond Fixed Abrasive Pads TOPX™

High processing rates contribute to higher productivity.

The TOPX diamond fixed abrasive pad is a highly efficient substrate abrasive that takes advantage of Bando Chemical's accumulated technologies in rubber and resin materials, processing, mixing, dispersion, adhesion, and molding.

One of the features of this product is that it offers a very high degree of design freedom with respect to various factors such as abrasive grain size, binder type, polishing island pattern, and blending formulation to accommodate the desired polishing rate and roughness.
It contributes to the processing of difficult-to-process materials and the improvement of production efficiency from current processing methods.

Diamond Fixed Abrasive Pads TOPX™


Control of abrasive grain autogenesis by designing the compounding of abrasive islands.
Stable polishing is realized.
We propose the most suitable size and pattern of polishing island according to the processing object and required specifications.
Environmental impact reduction is realized.
Contributes to simplicity of process management.

Attachment of pad to plane grinder

The back of the pad is double-sided tape, so it can be easily peeled off the release paper and attached to the polishing machine surface plate.

Control of abrasive grain autogenesis by designing abrasive island formulations

The optimal polishing island size and pattern are proposed according to the processing target and required specifications. Stable polishing is possible.

Advantages of the fixed abrasive grain method

Compared to the loose abrasive method, which has a large environmental impact due to waste slurry, the replacement of coolant and polishing pads contributes to waste reduction.

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