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BANCOLLAN™ STS / Synchronous Belts

High precision and smooth rotation can be obtained for OA equipment, precision machinery, and automation equipment.

Polyurethane is used for the tooth rubber, which has excellent high shear force, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, and weather resistance. Unlike chains and wires, maintenance such as lubrication and re-tensioning is virtually unnecessary.
BANCOLLAN STS has an arc-shaped tooth profile and engages smoothly without interference with the pulley, thus ensuring stable performance from low to high speeds. It has an excellent feature of high transmission capacity and narrow belt width design.

BANCOLLAN™  STS / Synchronous Belts


High-torque transmission
Ideal tooth profile for smooth engagement and unique engagement that eliminates stress concentration, resulting in smaller torque loss at startup.
Resistant to oil and ozone
Suitable for environments with oil adhesion and ozone generation due to less swelling by oil and cracking by ozone
Less scattering of rubber powder, keeping the surrounding area clean.

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